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Data Breaches: The Risks Keep Coming

Small CPA Firms fight against data breachesMany companies claim that data breaches are the result of highly technical and sophisticated efforts. The FBI reports that 90% of these are avoidable if widely accepted best practices and security controls are applied. In recent years, micro-targeting of higher net worth individuals and companies has increased significantly. Hackers have used social engineering and malicious tactics such as forged email, malicious advertising and ransom extortion from companies to regain access to their own data. As companies record more claims, the risks and exposures keep coming.

No organization is immune from the loss of confidential and sensitive data. While businesses are aware of the potential threats, they are not necessarily equipped to respond effectively.

Our small firm RLI Privacy Protection Package for Accounting and Legal Professionals is the answer. It provides access to information and sophisticated technical resources to help you minimize data breaches, develop your own personalized plan and train your employees to deal with incidents that may occur.

Data breaches and potential cyber threats are here to stay. Find out how to deal with them and protect your small CPA firm

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Posted by Pat Cosulich

As Chief Information Officer of AmerInst Professional Services, Ltd., Pat Cosulich is responsible for developing a systems platform to provide superior service to small to mid market firms. Prior to joining Amerinst, Pat was Vice President of Insurance Business Development for Outline Systems Inc., a specialty insurance software provider. In over 20 years with CNA, she was responsible for developing specialty web platforms, as well as policy and claims systems. In addition to significant experience in systems development, Pat has a deep understanding and expertise in Professional Liability.


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