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Don’t Overlook Encryption Technology

accountants professional liability policy for small cpa firmsEncryption technology is shaping the data breach landscape. Many breaches are caused by insiders, making it critical for companies to safeguard data on customers, products and sensitive business relationships. You should have data ownership and security controls in place to avoid data breaches and protect your customers, as well as the reputation of your firm.

Never send sensitive information to third-party vendors – and manage whatever you do send. Sensitive data sent by phone or email should be encrypted using industry best practices and standards.

As a small firm, you should take these important steps:

  • Encrypt all wireless communication, including routers, printers, point-of-sale terminals and credit card devices
  • Involve your legal and compliance experts since any breach could lead to litigation
  • Discuss policies with partners and staff so they are prepared if an incident occurs
  • Consider encryption software, but look carefully before you leap
  • Sign-up for a cyber risk policy to access the same network security and privacy tools typically reserved only for larger companies

General liability policies may not provide adequate protection from a hacker gaining access to your network. Our small firm RLI Privacy Protection Package for Accounting Professionals is designed to fill that gap.

Find out more about how your company can manage data breaches, visit

Posted by Pat Cosulich

As Chief Information Officer of AmerInst Professional Services, Ltd., Pat Cosulich is responsible for developing a systems platform to provide superior service to small to mid market firms. Prior to joining Amerinst, Pat was Vice President of Insurance Business Development for Outline Systems Inc., a specialty insurance software provider. In over 20 years with CNA, she was responsible for developing specialty web platforms, as well as policy and claims systems. In addition to significant experience in systems development, Pat has a deep understanding and expertise in Professional Liability.


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